Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

Do-It-Myself : greygrey dress :D :D

heyy dear friends..how are youu? how about your DIY project? more often? or really seldom make it,just like me >.<

anyways..ahirnyaaa gda bikin bikinan lagi deeeh skrg..
now i wanna try to make a greygrey dress ( in indonesia abu abu means grey, so greygrey means? haha.. forget it! >.<)

okeeyy! just take a look those below pictures okeeh! (i try to sew the dress by myself, and make the format as simple as i can hahhaa)

pict 1 : just put the comfy shirt that really suit on our body above the fabric (dont forget to fold the fabric into 2 sheets)
pict 2 : cut the fabric due to the format of our comfy shirt or to make the cutting easier, we can draw the format first using fabric-chalk.

pict 3 : sew it sew it! with lack of sewing skill..but i have to move on! hahahhaa..
pict 4 : after 30 minutes : fiuuuhh.. tired yet exhausted.. >.<

pict 5 : (with evil's smile) hiehiehie.. how the dress will beeeeeee????

pict 6 : dorrr!! hmmm.. looks suit on me :D :D
pict 7 : just turn it to other side..anddd taraaaaaaa!!! my greygrey dress! ready to wear this! hahahahaha..

i know, my skill is very very fool..but i always be confident to wear my creation :) :) although the stitch not as well as tailor.. :D :D nevermind! :)

3 komentar:

  1. aiyya..gda...kreatif bgt..
    patut dicoba nie..

    tunggu mix n match ku ya
    *inspiration = gda gallery, hehe

  2. @ nana : hohohoho..iyaa coba dehh ngejait sendiri..biarin gak rapi juga! yg penting nyoba..hahaha..

    mangga atuuh, nana..aku pingin liat mix and match ala nana ^^

  3. Ghaida kreatif banget... Like this...^^b