Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

indiahe style part 1



(halaaaahhh >.<)

Alhamdulillah..a few weeks ago, my lovely mother inlaw gave me INDIAHE dress! hihihihi..with very big big pants :D :D (again and again.. i really love mama Hema (my mother inlaw) she's very oftenly gave me various dress/ fabrics/ accessories ^^ )

and now, i am going to make a show..hahhaa :D the theme is INDIAHE session! just check it out!

i try to combine the dress with orange hijab and yellow hijab. i make it like "surban". so my head going bigger, but i think it suits on me (remembering that i have a circle face, so the hijab make it more balance).

(background picture taken from here )

and now, i am gonna make the style looks more simple and "cowboy" hahaha.. (cowboy?)

anyways, i think the indiahe dress is suitable enough for us to attending wedding party ^^ esp. evening party.. ^^ so, wait for the indiahe style part 2 : casual indiahe style ^^

12 komentar:

  1. bagus yang pake sepatu mbak.. anggunnya lebih keliatan^^

  2. whaaa..your mother in law is soo nice..what a lovely dress!! love both style!!

    liat2 foto kamu dgn jilbab dan keren2,jd semakin bersemangat utk pake jilbab..hehe..abisnya ud dapat ultimatum dr mama klo nikah nanti hrs berjilbab..hehe..doakan smoga bisa cepat tercapai yaa ;)..hihihi

    anw..aku link kamu di blog aq yaaa :D..

  3. teteh bagus terus iih matchin baju-bajunyaaaa .. KEREN ! :-bd

  4. unique and lovely one!
    i wish someday i can have nice mother in law, like you do! :)

  5. sys gda!!! sgt2 cantikkk ok indiahe style!! colour orange superbb!!!

  6. @ anyin, nna, tiananda : thank youuuu for the sweet comment dear.. :)

  7. @ FiKa : wihiii..makasiii fikaa :) seneng bisa bikin km tambah smngt berjilbab..iyaaa, ikut mendoakan segera yaa..sgera pake jilbab dgn mantap dan segera menikah! Hihihihi..makasii utk link nyaa, I'll link you back :) smooch

  8. @ esya,samicami : thank youuu darlaaa :)

  9. @ dela, irine : thank youuu..yeah, orange is superb! @ dela : amiiin..smg segera menyusul d wkt yg tepat dan dpt ibu mertua yg lovely yaa :)