Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

full-colour versus pale-colour..which one is yours?

try to take the picture by my self..hehehhee.. (krn ga ada yg bisa motoin..sibuuuk semuaaa :p :p )
over confidence pregnant mommy niiih walaupun perut membuncit :p

sooo here it is.. full colour versus pale colour.. :)

maxi dress tiiiimeeee! :)

well well well..
this is for sale girls :) :)

full-colour session :

green apple cardigan : IDR 90.000
abstract full-colour maxi dress : IDR 200.000 (fit to M-XL size, wohoho)

pale-colour session :

baby-blue jeans cardigan : IDR 130.000 (fit to M-L size)
tie die blue maxi dress : IDR 200.000 (fit to M-XL size, wohoho)

ONLY ONE STOCK EACH! soooo grab it fast as fast as u caaaaan! hihihihi..

Rabu, 04 Agustus 2010

maternity outfit : blue mix brown, why not? :)

agaaiin.. my daily outfit.. not for sale! hihihi..

anyways.. entering 6 month pregnancy! :) :) rakus rakus daaan rakus.. walaupun kadang masi suka muntah dan mual >.< quite happy with this episode..my weight is 53 kilograms now! :) :) and my baby keeps kicking and wrestling all the times.. >.< funny! i guess my baby will be an "active and cheerful" baby..hihihi..
can't waiiittttt to do baby's preparation..
cute room..
cute clothes..
aaaaaa everythings!
one thing must be finished before is... GRADUATE FROM ITB! hohohoho..insyaAlloh i'll do seminar (sidang) on this month.. keep praying for me and my baby yaa teman2 ^^ insyaAlloh i'll graduate on October 2010 :) amiiin.. and delivering my baby on early November 2010 :D amiiin..

and got this new silver ring from my hubbyyy.. thank u ayaaaah! :)

details :
unbranded brown paris hijab
zara TRF blue shirt
gedebage pattern dress (my sister's)
cotton ink blue legging