Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

white lacey dress on the flower

should we be happy on a new year 2010? of course..we should be happy in every single day of our life..(not only in a celebration of a new year's eve)


just uploading my new pict.. here they are ^^

GDa'S white lacey dress, GDa'S grey skirt, grey paris hijab, black croco bags, adity boutique black high heels.

happy holiday dear sweety friends :)

cihuuuyyyness : featured on wulandari's blog


i dont know, i must be happy, or sad..haha.. (sad? it's impossible)

just wanna say, thank youuu.. dear wulandari.. for reviewing my blog on your blog..hihihi..gak nyangkaaaaaa :D :D

i looove your post.. and thank you for choosing my style as your favourite.. bikin aku tambah semangat ngeblog nih :) (Soalnya biasanya mood mood an banget ngeblog nya :D :D )

much love,

smooch smooch..

Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

renungan di siang bolong..

if i were at a widely grassland..

no tv, no handphone, no PC, no blog, no facebook, no camera, etc..

what will I do?
do I still alive?


without electronics thingy..i am sure i can survive..

heyyaa Ghaidaa! STOP blogging, facebooking, touching your notebook if you just being careless of your priority. (like what u said to be sure, that you can still alive when there's no electronics thingy)


(gini nih kalo seharian udah di depan PC..susah pindahnyaa..padahal banyak kerjaan lain! hiksss.. becareful! too much PC, too much toxic perching on our body)

Senin, 28 Desember 2009

gak bisa tiduuuurr..hikss..

hmmmm..iseng iseng krn gak bisa tidur semaleman (suamiku lagi gak ada siih..huhuhu)..
ahiirnyaa.. nyobain sarannya nana ngedit ngedit pake powerpoint..hihiii..

and here is my favourite colour pink and green, favourite daily style :)

step by step (halaaahhhh):
1. pake sweater nyaaa warna krem.
2. pake rok bunga2 ijo pink.
3. pake kerudungnya warna pink.
4. pake kaos kaki/tights deehh warna ijo.
5. pake sepatu boots krem.
6. bawabawa tas warna ijo dehhh.
(sebenernya step ini penting gak siiihhh? wondering.. T_T)

ternyataaa..emg gak ribet yaah power point tuhh..tp gda blm nemu gmn caranya brightness alias terang gelap si foto..but, i prefer adobe photoshop anyways ^^

daaaan..lagilagi si ghaida ini lagi iseng dan anehh..hhhh..gini nihh kalo di dalem mobil lagi nganggur.. :D :D

Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

my first award :D :D



thankyouu \tiananda for this award.. i am very happy happy happyy!
coz this is my first award..

i am very happy knowing that my blog can make you smile..aw aw aw jadi terharuuu..uhuhuh..

smoooch smoooch :)

sunnataaan den ghufron! (my cousin)

261209's activities : go to KPAD - sunnatan Ghufron - JKT for 2 days

what i wore?

i tried to wear pashmina as hijab..hahaha! @ first, i didn't confident enough, but..yaaahh..sudah dipakai mau gimana lagii? hahaha..but my sisters said that those pashmina wasn't bad on me ( wasn't bad? it means lumayan? or bagus? hahahahaaa.. T_T)
mixed it with orange polka dot sonoma shirt, GAP black dress, grey legging, and vincci white flats.. :D

horeeee ghufron di sunaaat! ckiiiiit.. aw aw aw (lebayisme)

(left to right : me, my cousin : Ghufron, my aunty : bi enggen, my grandpa : apa kpad )

berfotooo with ghaitsaa.. (my lil sister) heyy, many people say that we are such a TWINS! is that true? kita mirip gituuu?

and as usuaaall.. took a picture in front of my grandma's house! this is our GOOD-or-BAD-or-GREAT-i-dont-know-habits :D :D

then we went to JAKARTAAA ( accompanied our daddy to soekarno hatta airport) and alwayss! our most important activities : CAPTURING and being CAPTURED. :D :D

i tried to edit the sky by putting a lot of clouds there..hihihi..supaya rameee.. :D :D

hmmmm.. close up!

om didit's wedding party!

what i wore?

i looooveee my GDa'S long dress :) mix it with grey + orange hijabs.. :)

i loooovee it because i designed it by my self..
(of course you can order those dress (tp motif kainnya gak bisa sama persis yaaa, soalnya udah abiiss, bisa request mau warna apaa)

those dress is only for IDR 300.000 :) (tapi tangannya kutung alias lekbong yaaa :D :D)

happy wedding om didit :)
may your family always sakinah mawaddah warrahmah.. amiiin..


agaiiiinnn.. crema does exist!
try mixing those lovely crema with pinkyyy! hihi.. my fav colour too ^^

with my fav jacket nowadays.. ^^

and ready to catch up jakesully the avatar man @ PVJ! :D :D

ouppps! then i met ghina and ghaitsa (my lil sisters) @ elevator..waaahhh!

and kick our hungryness @ RED BEAN !

alhamdulillaaah.. dear Alloh, there's no words i can say beside THANK YOU so Much.. we love Alloh for always, and always. amin

i loooovee brownie!

thought thought (di pikir-pikir..halaaah) sering jugaaa pake nuansa coklat-krem! yayayaya.. that's why, the title is "i loooove brownie" :) soalnya sukaaaa siihh..berasa ademm.. kayak tanah (HAH?!)

crema veil from my mommy, GDa'S crema cardigan, unbranded Brownie Dress, metro dept.store tights, noche gold high heels..

Kamis, 24 Desember 2009

attending fashion tendance '10 @ Hilton Hotels Bandung

haii dear all :)

miss yaa..hihi..about 2 weeks i didn't update my blog..hmmm cukup lamaaa (bagi yg rajiiin banget update) but for me..trully that's not long enough..because, these blog is just for fun! when i am in the mood to post, then i post it..but if the opposite happened, i won't post any words, even its just 2 words..heuww

bytheway..@ 16th of december 2009, i attended a fashion show @ Hilton Hotel Bandung..i always feel excited to come..actually, i got an invitation from tante irna mutiara (my favourite designer).. ^^

my hubby said that, in those room, there's a lot of Bandung's socialite (actually i don't really understand about 'socialite') but i just want to see the creativity of our designer..they are sooo inspiring! :) :)

GREEN ! i looove GREEN ! and Hennie Noor make it sooo beautiful !

yelloooww! silooooww ! hehehe.. i have to beee brave to wear this! of course, i'll make it looong dress..

hihihi looks like "hewan qurban" :p no no no! this is Herman Nuary's design.. the hijab was soooo cool.. but i have no idea to wear it.heuheue..

actuallyy..i take a lot of picture, but they was "bluuurrr" hiksss.. :( hehe, i thought, i really concentrated to the fashion show, so i didn't have enough time for capturing the show..hihihi..

hmmm..the show is over..so i went out of the room, and saw some fashion exhibition..woooww, always always great! although sometimes i wondering, how those amazing clothes/dress can be worn for daily life? but, my hubby said that there's some "socialite" whom often wearing them.

bytheway, i wore my GDa'S black bolero mix with purple batik..because the dresscode was HERITAGEOUS (haha, actually i wasn't really understand abt that, and i thought batik is the best choise) :D :D

and finallyyyy..i met tante Irna Mutiaraaaa :) she's so kind to me :) i looove her and loove her design (especially her wedding gown design..uhuhu pengeeeen bisa kayak gituuu) she always supporting me to learn and learn, to be a great designer! and she offered me to join APPMI jawa Barat..hahhaa, i have to learn more and more.. yeapp! that's rite.. I am a Great-fashion-Designer-who-always-try-to-reach-Alloh's ridho Wanna Be..amin :)

(me with tante irna mutiara :) )

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

flashback : i can't smile without you :D

23 November 2008

our BIG smile :) :)

very very HAPPYYYY.. because i designed my wedding GOWN by my self :) :)

the trully ghaida :p

baru banguuun ku terus fotooooo :D :D
[ini muka asli seorang ghaida tsurayya.. tanpa bedak.. tanpa senyum.. tanpa mandi.. hahhahahhaha]

[style @ home = no style..heuheue]

[lari lari iseng di dalem rumah :D :D]

[loncat loncat iseng di taman deket kamar :D :D]

aaaaaahhh dasar ghaidaaaaaaa... :D

GDa'S over all agaiinn!

overall blue-corduroy lagiiiiiyyy..

corduroy lucuuu lagiiiyy..

fit to M-L size (ini pake karet jadi flexible)

overall blue corduroy IDR 200.000
cardigan shocking pink IDR 90.000
teddy bags IDR 200.000
paris hijab IDR 30.000

grab it! grab it! :)

email me @ gdagallery@yahoo.com

:) :)

GDa'S overall brownie corduroy! readystock :)

haiii ladies..ini ada overall corduroy lucuuu dehh..barangnya veryyy limited..

overall corduroy coklat : IDR 200.000
cardigan hijau botol : IDR 90.000
tas teddy bear coklat : IDR 200.000
kerudung paris coklat : IDR 30.000

go grab it girls! :)
just email me @ gdagallery@yahoo.com