Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

random daysssssss!

26 November 2009
Mrs.Ghaida Tsurayya Ihram vs Mr.Harpinadi Ihram

looooove those strips long dress :) mixed with grey cardigan and grey VINCCI flats shoe and also VOLCOM black bag. my hubby go working with his new black vest! hihihi..i'll try to make him cute as i can..hehehhehehe.. :p

30 November 2009

Ya Alloh! oh My God! these day bandung was so HOT! that's the right choise if i took pink colour! hehehee..as my favourite..

unbranded pink hijab, unbranded pink shirt, unbranded polcadot skirt, unbranded homie bags, chocolates floweries flats shoe

i mixed pink with browniepolcadot skirt.. :) :) bytheway, those shoes remembered me about "seserahan" 2 weeks before i got marriage..hihi, my mother in law gave me and i really happyyyyy :) because she's always know my favourites stuff. ready to go to campus! ready to kick that biophysical thingy! yeaaahhhs...

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