Senin, 30 November 2009

fashion Quotes :)

Setelah berhari hari tafakkur alias's my thoughts about fashion and style :

"Everybody has their own point of view, has their own sense of don't ever be arrogant and feel that you are upper and better than them."

"Fashion is about beautifulness, creativity, and style is about expressing our self, expressing our creativity, style is just for fun.. But hey! Becareful ladies.. Becareful of fashion desease, those's feeling,feel that we are better upper prettier than others, anything make us arrogant! Just stay away fron those feeling"

"Walking with think nothing is better than walking with compare others to us. That can minimize our arrogantness"

"There's fashion, there's sense, there's beautifulness, and I believe there are many good things behind"

Hihihi.. That's my thought about fashion.. How about yours? :)

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  1. hihih bner bgt gda... gda munculin follownya dunk... ^^

  2. heyy..thankss for visiting my blog :)

    I love the 1st quote soo much!! actually nobody is upper or better in fashion!! we have our own style :D

  3. @ caca : aduuhhh gak tau knapa nih blog gda gak bisa munculin follownya chaaa :'( hiksss..
    (apa gda nya yg katro yah? huehue)

    @L'armadio : thank your style too :)

    @Fika : that's rite! keep in touch bebe :)

  4. love this article! :D iya setuju bgt sm quote yg pertama