Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

just wanna say hello !

Hello dear all my beloved friends..

Today, I just wanna say Hello to all of you..
I wanna say :

Thank you for oftenly visit my blog ( I am really happyyy bcoz many beautiful ladies as you really care to my blog, and my blog is my second home actually.. Place for sharing aand expressing my self )

Thank you for commenting on my blog ( really happy knowing that you care to my post, and gimme more spirit to do more and more )

Thank you for being my follower ( it can show me that you are really want to know my blog, the update, bla bla bla.. :) :) hihihi.. Although it doesn't mean that follower are trying to be somebody else, just take the lil inspiration, and modified by urself, and just be ur self with your own fashion sense ) :)

Thank you for shopping at GDa'S Gallery ( I am happy if my customer happy! And these month was reallyyyy outstanding.. Becoz there are many beautiful ladies shopping at GDa'S Gallery, soooo many! Alhamdulillaaah ) and so happy becoz I get a looot of new friends here.. GDa'S customer : GDa'S friends :)

Thank youuu.. Thank youuuu..

And I wanna say sorry, for everythingssss!
Sorry, I am oftenly late to follow up you email, your comment..
Sorry, I am seldomly blogwalking to yours..
Sorry, actually my English isn't well enough.. So that, maybe when you're reading my post, you want to laugh or it can disturb you..I am just trying to write in English because I hope, there are so many friends outside (from other country) can join GDa'S Gallery.. And I am really happy to get new friends from around the world.. Hope someday, all of muslimahs can do gathering together..amiin..
Sorry, maybe my post isn't good enough..
And I am so sorry, for all the lackness of my knowledge, abt fashion, abt syaria, and I am trully a learner.. Try to be better and better.. InsyaAlloh.. Bismillah..

And you know what, you are trully my inspiration! :)


Ghaida Tsurayya Ihram

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

let's get the maxi's started! :)


loooveee maxi dress.. (gda lagi suka maxi dress skrg ^^ mix with jacket or cardis)

anyways, mama Hema gave me those floweries maxi dress from Bali..hihihi.. loveee the fabrics, really comfy.. :)

and my nuuu grey-jeans-jacket :) soo lovely..

happy try friendssss :) :)

let's go green! :)

waaaa... yesterday i got a lil bit confusing.. :)
i'd like to wear those GDa'S baby-tosca skirt (i wore it as dress), but i was confused on mix match-ing it with the hijab and accessories.. because i like all of them..hehehhe..

first style :

actually i really likkeeeee these! but i think i am too often wearing pinky stuffs.. heuehue.. kinda lil bit bored at the time.. >.<

second style :

like thiss! not too bright! but.. heyy.. i guess, in the afternoon, it will be hotter if i wear black hijab! ewwww.. panaaasss..

and third style :

i likkkeeee this! but my hubby said that if i wore those scarf as hijab, it looks too young-ish.. he means i am just like an high-school girl (?) i am not really sure about that, but.. my hubby didnt like it much.. (although i feel brighter if i wore that scarf as hijab)

and finallyyyyyy i wore this!

( at balaikota with my hubby, wanna see the UKM exhibition(usaha kecil menengah which held by tabunganKu Bank Indonesia) )

( met my beloved customer at GDa'S Gallery.. the astri.. thanks for shopping A LOT ! :O hehhee )

anyways, which one do you like best? the first, second, or third style of mix? :) :)

colourfull-larelare-skirt! :)

heiiii i sell these skirt ladieesss.. only one stock! grab it fast :)

jeans vest only IDR 130.000
colourfull-larelare-skirt only IDR 100.000

:) :)

make your day more colourfull! come oooonnn.. :) :)
just gimme an email : gdagallery@yahoo.com or ghaidapin@telkomsel.blackberry.com




went to ciwalk to watch : My Name Is Khan Movie!
unfortunately, the movie is available only @ ciwalk bandung.. i dont know if other 21 in other city release those movie..hope so..

( My Name Is Khan : really great movie.. this movie tells us about how tolerant and peacefull Islam is.. and Islam is not a terrorist.. terrorist is not based on a religion.. and this movie was sooo affectionating.. :) just watch it! the actors are Shahrukh Khan and Kajol from India :) )

cream paris hijab, GDa'S kunyit cardis, GAP black shirt, GDa'S yelowy-skirt, unbranded tights, vincci flats shoe..

Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

thank you Alloh.. nikmat banget! part 2 :D


29 - 30 January 2010

hihi, for LUNCH ! me and mama Hema (my mother in law) went to SUSHI TEI !
hihihihihihi.. sushiiii..that's also my favourite! :)

1. chuka wakame! kenyal kenyal gres gres gituu ubur-ubur.. enaaak deh utk makanan pembuka.. :D :D

2. aduuuh lupa namanya.. kalo gak salah crispy roll.. hehe, tapi gda pesen gak pake kepiting, soalnya alergi! yaayness.. >.<

3. mixed sashimi !! awww this is my favourite! :) :) ada sashimi salmon, tuna, sama satu lagi lupaaa..hihi ikan ikan segeeer..

4. and last..buat penutup ada bolu jepang isi es krim! hihihi..manisss bangett.. sebenernya ini kelebihan kl buat berdua..bisanya ber3 - 4..karna gda sama mama hema gak doyan2 banget es krim..hihi..

and the next day! (30 January 2010) hihihi..
me, my hubby, mama Hema, and Gheriyya.. went to SUSHI GROOVE at PVJ to grab some sushi.. againnnn! hohoho..

1. my favourite sushi at sushigroove : KRAKATAU ROLL ! gda lebih suka si saosnya (mayonese, saus sambel) di pisah :)

2. and of course spicy Flying fish roll ! :) seu hah!

3. california roll! sukaaa si telor ikan kecil kecilnyaa..

4. as always, sashimi ! both tuna dan salmon.. :)

hihihi ini niih wajah orang2 yang lahap, dan kenyaaang.. Alhamdulillaaaaahhhh :)

Alhamdulillaaah ya Alloh.. nikmat yang Engkau beri Tak terhituuung..
smg gda dan keluarga dan teman2 tambah banyak syukuuur :)

Senin, 22 Februari 2010

thank you Alloh, nikmat bangeeet.. part 1 :D

29 - 30 Januari 2010

2 hari yang kuenyaaaaaanggggg :D :D

start with....

breakfast at Grand Preanger hotel Buffet (soalnya kita lagi nemenin mama Hema yg lagi stay di Grand Preanger hotel, lagi ikutan seminar IT gituu) :D kena imbasnya deeh kita sarapan2 di hotel :D :D >.<

what we eat?

1. fresh omelettoooo! with chilli sausage..nyuuummss..

2. yummy fried rice! :)

3. my favourite potatoes! :D

4. cane-bread! nyooosss..

5. gulaigulai..

6. salad yang segeeerrr!

7. orange juice!

and what's next? .....

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

GDa'S CLASSICAL outfit ideas : PARTY !

1. evening WEDDING PARTY (esp. if the wedding party held in a building)

details from head to toe :
black double hicont hijab
GDa'S multifunctional necklace ( just remind you, you can order it dear! the price is IDR 50.000 )

2. ARABIAN style

see? mix "them" all can make the different look! :)
happy try dear ladies..

dont be afraid to wear black and white! :) :)

GDa'S CLASSICAL outfit ideas : work!


just mix the LIL-BLACK-DRESS with the WOLL-BLACK-DOTTIE-JACKET. dont forget to wear grey/black shirt under,because maybe if you feel hot, you can throw your jacket..those jacket is sooo warm, it will be better if we wear it at cold area ( the cold weather or in AC room )and put the black tights + black heels there.. ^^

GDa'S CLASSICAL outfit ideas : campus!


some university demand their students to wear black and white while they do examination.. just mix the STRIPPED-BLACK-SKIRT with long white shirt and black hijab.quite chic and simple! happy try! :)



price : IDR 250.000
fabrics : shiffon ( with full of chic "payet" application )
suitable in any formal activities and wedding party :)

GDa'S CLASSICAL : skirts :)


price : IDR 140.000
fabrics : cotton with good quality
suitable in any occasion : casual, campus, work, semi-formal :)


price : IDR 120.000
fabrics : cotton
this is a highwaist skirt which is suitable in any casual and playful activities!


price : IDR 170.000
fabrics : thai silk mix with organdi
this is a haute skirt with zipper ( young taste ) which is suitable in any formal activities or wedding party.

well, what are you waiting for? just gimme an email @ gdagallery@yahoo.com
dont forget to add me on YM
and gimme your blackberry pin :)





price : IDR 150.000
fabrics : thai-silk
suitable for formal / semi-formal activities :)

2. W0LL-BLACK-DOTTIE-JACKET (readystock,and only one!)

price : IDR 190.000
fabrics : woll
size : fits to M,L size
suitable for rainy days! very warm and chic!

heiii dear ladiess! ready to be chic yet modest? just gimme an email gdagallery@yahoo.com

dont forget to add me on YM and gimme your blackberry pin please :)
thank youuu



Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

friend's request : young mom's outfit idea!

anyways.. this is free design for you :)
my friend requests about outfit ideas for young mommy ( who have a lil child, and still nursing their child ) the clothes make her easier to nurse but still stylish and modest! :) so here we are!

basic sketch :

a long dress with front latches ( kancing di depan, jadi bisa d buka dari depan untuk menyusui)(which the length is 7/8) wear with throusers, legging, or tights..
if you feel bored, just put a belt there ( hope it looks more stylish ) or wear a vest or wear a leather jacket (i am sure this jacket will make you younger and stylish! hehehe..) or wear cardis if you want..

alternative colour :

1. dark purple and black!
dark purple always make us look more mature, brave, romantic, and still pretty! hihihiii..it's better if mix it with black leather jacket, and dont be afraid to wear contrast colour such as those baby yellow vest! (actually, it's depend on the colour on the fabrics)

2. baby yellow and black!
hmmm i guess this is the warm style.. i likeee brownie style.. and i think it is very suitable for mommy.. because brown is the natural colour which every age can use it..just try it dear! :)

actually these designs is not only for young mommy, but also suitable for young muslimahs.. :) if you are interested to make a dress like that, just gimme an email..
you can mix and match the colour by yourself! :)

email me : gdagallery@yahoo.com
dont forget to add me on YM too :)
anyway, for you who have a blackberry smart phone, please tell me your pin.. it easier to chit n chat by bbm :)

luv luv,


thank youu dear aunty Ria :)

Friday, 5th February 2010


habis pulang kuliah main main aaahhh.. :)
bermaksud menemani tante ria hari ini.. ehhh malah di traktir! hihi Alhamdulillaaah..

first, kita berangkat menuju ZEN family reflexiology..
wooooow..this is my first time! and you know what? really cozy place with peacefull feeling! hihihi.. tempatnya nyaman banget, sepi, wangi, pegawainya ramah2, dan berasa di BALI ! hohoho..

so, here we go to do BODY MASSAGE !
pijitnya enak bangeet..apalagi pas di refleksi, kursinya gede dan nyaman banget,udah gitu di setiap kursinya ada tv nya..nonton fashion tv deh langsung! hahaha..

next, makan dong aaah! lapeer abis di pijit.. :D :D makan bakmi jogja di sekitaran Dipatiukur..hihi enaaaak jugaa..

(me with tante ria)

and last, arisan with my himacan girl at pizza hut.. (heheheh.. himacan : himpu
nan mahasiswi cantik tik tik tik! hahaha narsis banget yaaa.. tp seru seru an aja kook kita nyebut gituu.. karna kita cuma ber 20 cewe di angkatan kita di fisika dari 100 orang mahasiswa..hohohoho..)

what a refreshing day! Alhamdulillah ya Alloh.. :)

jalan-jalan bersama adik ipaaar ! :)

Thursday, 4th February 2010

horraaayy! ami dan atina dataaangg..
jreng jreeeng.. mereka sengaja tek tok bandung-jakarta sehari dalam rangka menghabiskan liburan mereka yang katanya cepet habis tapi banyak tidur d rumah..hahahhaa..

well, this is my outfit :

brown rabbani hijab, gedebage brown dress, green ribbon (made by myself), GDa'S kunyit cardigan, unbranded green tights, seven nine clogs

start from : lunch at my favourite resto @ gerlong hilir (near to my house) NIAGARA !!
wohohohoooo.. the sambel is my faaavourite much! hosh hosh hosh..
nyooomm nyooommm.. ikan krapu, ikan marlin, ikan pari di bakaaaarrrrr! >.<

(ami kepedesan dan kekenyangan, atina mengambil kesempatan makan bagiannya ami..hahhaa dasaaar :) yaa daripada mubazir yaa :p )

and then, we went to RUMAH MODE ! hoho katanya pengen blanja blanji di FO bandung..

aaaaaa i want these green polka dot cardigan and ethnic blue maxi dress soo much!
(wish some day i can have both :D without buy it..so?hehhee *ngarep* )

next, MODE PLUS factory outlet! hahhaa muter muterrr..anywayss, want these stripped jacket so muchhh! soo matching with my dark green tights..hehhehe.. (still ngarep)

dan ahirnyaaa ikutan pengajian malem jumat di mesjid Daarut Tauhid..hohoho.. kita kebagian duduk di tangga sangking penuhnya orang dan telat siiihh dtgnya.. tp jadi angin sepoy sepoy gituu enak..hehuehe..tidak lupa berjajan jajan riaa.. and my favourite is SEBLAK seuh hah! aduuh seger banget makan ni seblak.. pedeeesss banget..seblak ituu kerupuk tp di gorengnya pake air (loh?) haha coba ajaa sendiri!
tapi hati2 kl tll pedes, besoknya langsuuung dehh mules :D

what a nice dayyy! :) atina dan ami adik ipar kuuuu.. kapan2 dateng lagi yaaa.. kita jelajah bandung bersama-sama..hohoho :D