Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

blue-lacey-maxi-dress :)

haiiii dear all GDa'S lovely friends..

really happppyyyy! because Miss Sumbul (i called her "teh Sumbul" hehe, and she just laugh and laugh) our GDa'S lovely customer from Germany, be GDa'S model of the month! :) hihihi..thank you dear.. :) hopefully we can meet again, in Germany! eyyeyeyyey..

this is the picture of us..

anyways, those blue-floweries-cotton-bag is only IDR 55.000 :)
and lovely blue-lacey-maxi dress is only IDR 250.000 which you can mix it with white or pink or black jacket / cardigan, or wear the shirt under.. :)
there's a readystock darl! only one! the size is fit to M and L (GDa'S standard size, just look at label : how to buy and order) soo grab it fast..
and you can order also dear..just gimme an email okaaayy :)


luv luv,


4 komentar:

  1. Masha Allah very beautiful sister..she must be from Turkish inheritance :-).Your collection is awesome, wish you have this lacey fabric in another color...keep on the good work sweetie

  2. actually she is pure Germany.. she is Mualaf (convert to Islam) and she is only 21 ! (Same with me..) hehehe.. Alhamdulillah..thank you dear..

    actually there are 3 colour that you can ordered.. blue, white, and black :)

  3. Ghaidaaaa... Love love love this creation ^^
    really wanna go to Bandung to visit your boutique..

  4. lucu koleksinya ..
    tpi kenapa harganya ga sesuai dgn mahasiswa ya ??
    klo sesuai aku beli deh ..
    aku suka loh mampir ke galery gda .
    pgen tas kulitnya :D