Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

just wanna say hello !

Hello dear all my beloved friends..

Today, I just wanna say Hello to all of you..
I wanna say :

Thank you for oftenly visit my blog ( I am really happyyy bcoz many beautiful ladies as you really care to my blog, and my blog is my second home actually.. Place for sharing aand expressing my self )

Thank you for commenting on my blog ( really happy knowing that you care to my post, and gimme more spirit to do more and more )

Thank you for being my follower ( it can show me that you are really want to know my blog, the update, bla bla bla.. :) :) hihihi.. Although it doesn't mean that follower are trying to be somebody else, just take the lil inspiration, and modified by urself, and just be ur self with your own fashion sense ) :)

Thank you for shopping at GDa'S Gallery ( I am happy if my customer happy! And these month was reallyyyy outstanding.. Becoz there are many beautiful ladies shopping at GDa'S Gallery, soooo many! Alhamdulillaaah ) and so happy becoz I get a looot of new friends here.. GDa'S customer : GDa'S friends :)

Thank youuu.. Thank youuuu..

And I wanna say sorry, for everythingssss!
Sorry, I am oftenly late to follow up you email, your comment..
Sorry, I am seldomly blogwalking to yours..
Sorry, actually my English isn't well enough.. So that, maybe when you're reading my post, you want to laugh or it can disturb you..I am just trying to write in English because I hope, there are so many friends outside (from other country) can join GDa'S Gallery.. And I am really happy to get new friends from around the world.. Hope someday, all of muslimahs can do gathering together..amiin..
Sorry, maybe my post isn't good enough..
And I am so sorry, for all the lackness of my knowledge, abt fashion, abt syaria, and I am trully a learner.. Try to be better and better.. InsyaAlloh.. Bismillah..

And you know what, you are trully my inspiration! :)


Ghaida Tsurayya Ihram

5 komentar:

  1. ng, i also want to apologize for rarely coming! i've been busy lately.. but i'll try to spend sometime for blogwalking here..
    Keep posting Ghaida!

  2. @ dela ; that's okaay delaaa.. I am sorry, rarely drop by to your blog.. Thanks for your spirit.. :)

  3. Thank to you too Gda. Keep blogging & inspiring us!

  4. ayoo semangat, neng Ghaidaaa!!!