Rabu, 15 September 2010

what's the meaning of a "birthday"?


sunday, 5th september 2010.. i am going to 22 years old..
22 years ago, i learned many things.
22 years ago, i experienced many good or bad things.
22 years ago, i grew up.
22 years ago, hmmmmm.. the only question in my mind is, "is that every thing i've done is enough to get Alloh's ridho? how if the death is come? am i ready enough to face that?"
too sad to remember..too much wasting time, too much sin that i've done.. T_T
Alloh please forgive me..this time i want to ask your forgiveness..for everything..and for tomorrow, i am sure i will always ask for your forgiveness..because i am just an human, there's nothing i can do without You, Alloh..please always guide me :)

beside that, just wanna say..thank youuuu Alloh :)
too much rezeki and happyness come..too much! :)
many good things happened..
1 year ago,i got pregnant..
2 years ago, i married..
4 years ago, i entered university..
7 years ago, i became a teenager..
20 years ago, i grew up, started to walk, to talk, to socialize..
and... 22 years ago, i was born from really great family.. Alhamdulillaaah :)
i just can say, Alhamdulillahirobbil alamin :)

being a thankful person is my only hope :)

and..(hehehee.. teteeepp) what i wore on my birthday? (actually there's no special party..just family gathering at my grandmom's house and breakfasting together :) )

details :
GDa'S flowery-brown-dress :)
yongki komaladi yellow flats
unbranded brown legging
metro dept.store cream bag

:) :)

maternity outfit : stripeeyyy!

hihihi love those stripped shirt.. :) because the fabric was sooo comfy and i didn't have to wear shirt under (sometimes it makes me feel hotter) juusst a simple style! :)

mix the strippey with my favorite pinkyyyy! :)

details :
unbranded peach paris hijab
unbranded grey stripped shirt bought from mangga dua
topshop Grey flowery legging
ocean pacific pink two-side tote bag
dusty pink ballerina flats from mama hema :D

mix the blue with pinkkyyy agaiiin! :D

details :

unbranded peach paris hijab
GDa'S jeans cardigan (u can order it dear, the price is IDR 130.000)
GDa'S candygirl brooch (can be ordered, the price is IDR 75.000)
GDa'S white maxi dress (can be ordered, with the good quality of fabrics, the price is IDR 200.000)
cotton ink blue legging
adity pink flats

ehh iyaaa!

happy Eid Mubarak everyone :) sorry for late posting..hihihihi.. :D
hope Eid Mubarak is not the end of our religious-spirit, but this is the time we started to do more and moreeeee ibadah.. amin :)
sorry fooooorrr everryyyyy mistakes that i've done, really really sorry.. T_T
love you all! :) *smooch smooch..

maternity outfit : colour of days :)

[ daily outfit, not for sale :) ]

aaaaa entering 7,5 month pregnancy.. amaziiinggg! masiiih aja mual dan muntah menghampiri hari hari gda.. gak bisa shaummm T_T badan mulai pegel-pegeeel, perut kerasa berat..hari-hari kerasa geraaah..cepet lemeees..tidur gak nyenyak, malem gelisah..makin genduuuuutt..hihihihihihi..but every bad things gonna be disappeared when my baby's is kicking and wrestling :) happy when i can do some "contact" with him/her (i don't know even she/he is a baby girl or baby boy? because usg's result from different doctors tell me the different gender..hahaha..quite confused..so, tawakkal is the best way :D ) preganancy is surely amazing! the important thing is my baby insyaAlloh always get healthy :) :) luuuuvvv yaaa babyyy..can't wait to meet you in real! hohoho..

love the sooooffft colour :)
love the comfyyy fabrics :)
dress up is not only about "the good looking" but also "the good mind, body, and soul" hihihihi..

let's get the maxi's started :)

details :
unbranded peach paris hijab (my favourite colour eveeerrr! :))
zara flowery maxi dress
mango cotton jacket
unbranded rattan clutch from bunda rini
crocs orange flats

and let's get the color being unpredictable :p :p

details :
unbranded dark blue paris hijab
unbranded blue blouse
rumah mode orange vest
liliana abstact legging
crocs orange flats

have a nice day everyone..
anyways last time i joined hijab scarf gathering @ UK,Plaza Indonesia.. woooww! beautifully amaziiiing! seems every muslimah has their own style and aaaa subhanalloh! unfortunately i didn't take any picture..hehehe, too lazyyy..because i spent my time with paying attention to new beautiful muslimah friends :)