Rabu, 15 September 2010

maternity outfit : colour of days :)

[ daily outfit, not for sale :) ]

aaaaa entering 7,5 month pregnancy.. amaziiinggg! masiiih aja mual dan muntah menghampiri hari hari gda.. gak bisa shaummm T_T badan mulai pegel-pegeeel, perut kerasa berat..hari-hari kerasa geraaah..cepet lemeees..tidur gak nyenyak, malem gelisah..makin genduuuuutt..hihihihihihi..but every bad things gonna be disappeared when my baby's is kicking and wrestling :) happy when i can do some "contact" with him/her (i don't know even she/he is a baby girl or baby boy? because usg's result from different doctors tell me the different gender..hahaha..quite confused..so, tawakkal is the best way :D ) preganancy is surely amazing! the important thing is my baby insyaAlloh always get healthy :) :) luuuuvvv yaaa babyyy..can't wait to meet you in real! hohoho..

love the sooooffft colour :)
love the comfyyy fabrics :)
dress up is not only about "the good looking" but also "the good mind, body, and soul" hihihihi..

let's get the maxi's started :)

details :
unbranded peach paris hijab (my favourite colour eveeerrr! :))
zara flowery maxi dress
mango cotton jacket
unbranded rattan clutch from bunda rini
crocs orange flats

and let's get the color being unpredictable :p :p

details :
unbranded dark blue paris hijab
unbranded blue blouse
rumah mode orange vest
liliana abstact legging
crocs orange flats

have a nice day everyone..
anyways last time i joined hijab scarf gathering @ UK,Plaza Indonesia.. woooww! beautifully amaziiiing! seems every muslimah has their own style and aaaa subhanalloh! unfortunately i didn't take any picture..hehehe, too lazyyy..because i spent my time with paying attention to new beautiful muslimah friends :)

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  1. aaa.. miss you kak.. lama nggak posting yaa..
    love the green jacket.. ;)
    i post about you yesterday..

    enter me kak..