Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

friend's request : young mom's outfit idea!

anyways.. this is free design for you :)
my friend requests about outfit ideas for young mommy ( who have a lil child, and still nursing their child ) the clothes make her easier to nurse but still stylish and modest! :) so here we are!

basic sketch :

a long dress with front latches ( kancing di depan, jadi bisa d buka dari depan untuk menyusui)(which the length is 7/8) wear with throusers, legging, or tights..
if you feel bored, just put a belt there ( hope it looks more stylish ) or wear a vest or wear a leather jacket (i am sure this jacket will make you younger and stylish! hehehe..) or wear cardis if you want..

alternative colour :

1. dark purple and black!
dark purple always make us look more mature, brave, romantic, and still pretty! hihihiii..it's better if mix it with black leather jacket, and dont be afraid to wear contrast colour such as those baby yellow vest! (actually, it's depend on the colour on the fabrics)

2. baby yellow and black!
hmmm i guess this is the warm style.. i likeee brownie style.. and i think it is very suitable for mommy.. because brown is the natural colour which every age can use it..just try it dear! :)

actually these designs is not only for young mommy, but also suitable for young muslimahs.. :) if you are interested to make a dress like that, just gimme an email..
you can mix and match the colour by yourself! :)

email me : gdagallery@yahoo.com
dont forget to add me on YM too :)
anyway, for you who have a blackberry smart phone, please tell me your pin.. it easier to chit n chat by bbm :)

luv luv,


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  1. neng mau.... bikin warna pink seru kali ya... eh tapi aq ndut... pantes gag yah??? pin bb nya 213b9d07

  2. @ bundanyabii : iyaaa pink item lucu lhooo :)

    pantess ajaa kook.. palingan gak usah pake kerutan di bawahnyaa.. hihihi.. :) ayoayo pesen, email ajaa yaa..

  3. 28DF3368... add yah teh, dr kmren mau mnta pin nya, hny malu2..hihihi