Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

sunnataaan den ghufron! (my cousin)

261209's activities : go to KPAD - sunnatan Ghufron - JKT for 2 days

what i wore?

i tried to wear pashmina as hijab..hahaha! @ first, i didn't confident enough, but..yaaahh..sudah dipakai mau gimana lagii? hahaha..but my sisters said that those pashmina wasn't bad on me ( wasn't bad? it means lumayan? or bagus? hahahahaaa.. T_T)
mixed it with orange polka dot sonoma shirt, GAP black dress, grey legging, and vincci white flats.. :D

horeeee ghufron di sunaaat! ckiiiiit.. aw aw aw (lebayisme)

(left to right : me, my cousin : Ghufron, my aunty : bi enggen, my grandpa : apa kpad )

berfotooo with ghaitsaa.. (my lil sister) heyy, many people say that we are such a TWINS! is that true? kita mirip gituuu?

and as usuaaall.. took a picture in front of my grandma's house! this is our GOOD-or-BAD-or-GREAT-i-dont-know-habits :D :D

then we went to JAKARTAAA ( accompanied our daddy to soekarno hatta airport) and alwayss! our most important activities : CAPTURING and being CAPTURED. :D :D

i tried to edit the sky by putting a lot of clouds there..hihihi..supaya rameee.. :D :D

hmmmm.. close up!

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