Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

its all about Turquoise and flower!

try to mix the turquoise dress with some cardigans :)

turquoise meets pale green :)

details :
pashmina : Magnolia
pale green cardigan : MANGO
turquoise maxi dress : Body n soul

turquoise meets glittery peach :)

details :
glittery peach cardigans : MANGO

turquoise meets pale peach :) details :
pale peach maxi cardigan : Magnolia

(with nifaa, always follow follow bunda :p *Selalu ikut ikutan bunda*)

Nifaa's details :
pink hat : lavie
motifs shirt : Mothercare;
pink legging : Mothercare

soooo in love with this flowery vintage wallpaper, i took it from here

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4 komentar:

  1. your baby is so cute, love your style and yor baby :)

  2. as-salamu alikum!! The 2nd picture (picture no.2) is a very nice hijab style masha'Allah! I want to try it! Can you do a tutorial? thank you so much!