Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

hijabers community bandung committe photoshoot!

Had so much fun Photoshoot with HijabersCommunity Bandung Commite. All wardrobe by GDa'S by Ghaida, so happy, so in love with the colour.. :)

my little sister, my greatest assistant, Gheriyya Rahima.. hihihi

 my best friend from senior high school, the photographer, Kharina Anjarsari :)

kharina's sister, my physics tutorial student (last time), the camera girl, Tiara :)
date : 13rd February 2012
location : Eco Pesantren, Daarut Tauhid, Ciwaruga, Bandung
photographer : Kharina
editor : Ghaida
make up artist : Ghaida
make up kit : Wardah
wardrobe :
faded pink shawl by Magnolia
unbranded faded pink shirt
Yellow dessy dress by GDa'S by Ghaida

full photos will be post at GDa'S by Ghaida blog ! go check it! :)

7 komentar:

  1. The setting and the outfit go perfectly together. So sofft and warm.. Its all about spring.

    im your newest follower. I'd luv it if you'd follow back ^.^

  2. keren mbak ... :) salam kenal dari surabaya. Hehehe

  3. assistent kaka anak kecil? ._. btw, cute photos kak! :D


  4. assalamualykum kak. fotonya cantik2. anaknya unyuuuu sx hihii..

  5. Saya suka Yellow dessy dress nya...^^