Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

maternity outfit : black flowery shirt!

my daily style! :)
not all kind of fabrics i can wear. because uncomfy fabrics can turn my mood down! seriously >.< actually i dont like wearing black colour! because it makes me feel hotter and "uring-uringan" wohoho..buuut! again! mama hema just arrived from paris and bring me those black-flowery-shirt and comfy jegging! Alhamdulillah.. hihihi..sooo comfy! :)

unbranded grey paris hijab
redherring maternity black flowery shirt from mama hema
henry london jegging
unbranded white gladiator
unbranded biri-biri bag ( my daddy gift from makkah )
GDa'S jeans vest

4 komentar:

  1. ghaidaaa!
    you know what, everytime I look at your blog post, I just feel like suddenly I wanna wear hijab! :D love the shoes! by the way, it's not good for pregnant woman like you to wear high heels :D NICE OUTFIT! :D


  2. omg lol that bag is mega cute! and totally random but I love how it goes with the outfit ;]

  3. biri-biri itu namanya shaun. shaun the sheep :)

  4. my doter love to watch "Shaun The Sheep"