Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

maternity outfit : comfy simple long shirt! :)

agaaain.. i post my daily style :)
hihi sometimes i feel bored with "selling" activities..
that's why it's not easy to be istiqomah as i know i am a super-moody-person.haaaa..i am so sorry dear beloved customers and friends.. T_T but i promise i'll catch you up soon! SOON! hihihi..

anyways, wearing simple long shirt with very very soft fabrics is veryyyy comfy! especially for preggie mommy like me! i am kinda often feel soooo HOT although i am living in Bandung city! heuheue T_T a shirt + flowery legging + flats shoe.. what a comfyyyyy! :)

details :
black double hicont hijab
H & M long dusty shirt from mama Hema :)
icon-seibu flowery legging
wimo crema flats shoe
mango crema bag

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