Senin, 25 Januari 2010

i am freshly orange!

hello dear friends.. ^^

Alhamdulillaaah.. i've got an awesome kickers gladiator from bunda riniiii ^^ hihihi, thank you so much bundaaa..comfy bangeeet deh pas d pake.. >.<

and you know what? me likey orange sooo much! it can make me more fresh, energic, and playful! :) how about you? inspired by the orange fruit, here's the style :

detail : donatello black hijab, blackywhite silk scarf, unbranded pink shirt, orange balaclava skirt from my mother inlaw, kickers black gladiator, carla tights.

i need some refresssshhh! trully.. >.<

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  1. Salam Sister
    I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it. I love your baby blue tiered skirt. I wonder how I can purhcase it. See, I live in the US and I find it so beautiful. I also love your style with the leggings. I love leggings as well but wear them only at home....