Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

let's say Alhamdulillaah for 2009

Alhamdullah..2009 was a great year, that a lot of amazing things happened..

may 2009 : starting online shop GDa'S gallery @ facebook and realize my own design. ( i have 1 tailor/staff)

augst 2009 :
soft opening offline shop GDa'S gallery @ jl.gerlong girang no 30 D (near to muslimah center Daarut Tauhid Bandung). (it was so amazing for me because long long time ago,i just dreaming and dreaming..dreaming i can open my own fashion line.. and it real now! :) )

sept 2009 :
@ 5th sept 2009 i was 21 years old! pecah telooorr.. :D :D
first time lebaran @ yogyakarta ( with my husband's big fams )

november 2009 :
@ early november, we went to singapore for holiday ! hihi..shop shop shooooppp till drop. lol.
starting writing story-ing @ my blog! hahhaha..
@ 23 november 2009 : our first anniversary :) Alhamdulillaaah.. with all of smiles,tears,up and down..our marriage can survive till now..wishes will be happily ever after..

december 2009 :
invited to the hype fashion show..and see a lot of amazing creation.
doing great time with mother-father in law.

and manyyyyyy more.. i just can say Alhamdulillaaaaah..

2 komentar:

  1. Alhamdulillah! ikut senang denger nya teh.

    Semoga 2010 lebih baik untuk kita semua.. Amiiin! sama-sama berjuang!.

    waa.. tahun ini aku 21 T_T . waktu mkin cpet aja berlalu ...

  2. amiiin.. makasii putri ^^

    hhihi iyaa...kadang pas udah berlalu, suka bertanya2, aku udah ngehasilin apaa? kok tiba2 udah 2010 lagii.. kmrn ngapain ajaaa.. T_T

    but, dont ever be pessimistic.. just go forward! iyaa sama sama berjuaang ^^