Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

play with grey and burgundy part 2

yeheeee part 2 !

i use the scarf as veil/hijab! hihihihi.. the fabric of those scarf is narrow silk with cashmere motifs.really comfyyyy! :)
taraaaa..i put a black big belt too ^^

owyaa..my mother in law gave me a tulle-blouse.. actually the motifs is really cute, buuuuttt! the cutting is very nerd. looks very oldish! so, i want to wear it in other ways..just check it out :

belt does exist! hahaha.. :D :D

belt does not exist! hihihi.. :D :D

fiuuuueeewww.. which one do you like most? :D :D

2 komentar:

  1. neng gda meni kreatif pisan :D
    suka liat gaya2nya hehe.
    gabung dech di forum ini http://femaledaily.com
    cocok buat kamu ^.^

  2. Syallom Gda...
    Suka bgt ngeliat stylenya...pintar & brani bereksperimen dgn warna & model baju...
    smoga + kreatif terus yah...