Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

design baju prom-night nya tasha :)

dear tasha.. this is my design for your prom-night gown :)
just choose it as you want to.. :)

basic design 1

for this design, u need the burgundy basic fabrics (merah marun) about 4 meters.

design 1

design 2

basic design 2
this style is very cute, i will make a cape for you, hope it'll still stylish yet covered your breast. 3 meters burgundy fabrics with width 115 cm is enough.

design 3

design 4

design 5

basic design 3
this is princess style, you can mix and match it with cute bandana.. it needs about 3,5 meters basic fabrics (burgundy).

design 6
(burgundy and grey, masculin style!)

design 7
(burgundy with gold application make u more luxury and elegant)

hope you'll like it tasha! and we can realize it soon! InsyaAlloh.. :)

anddd.. here it is, tasha promnight gown :

the details :

( cape-style : made from lace fabric )

anyways.. tasha ordered it for price up from 600.000 :)

u can order it too darl :) just email me ok!

8 komentar:

  1. Ghaida, rancangannya bagus2 bangeet. My favorite is design 5... it's really cute :)

  2. very cute! do u design these yourself??

  3. @ rania : terimakasiiiih :) :) hihi iyyaaa aku jg paling suka yg basic design 2 :)

  4. @ miju : yesss.. I designed it all by my self :) I loove sketching, and realize it :) :)

  5. Ghaida, thanks ya atas komennya di blogku... menjadi pengingat bagi kita semua... thank you :)

  6. Ghaidaaa... iyaaa aku juga suka basic design yg kedua ^^
    Unik :D
    kayaknya makin mahir pake Wacom nih ^^

  7. Ghaida.. rancanganmu bagus2.... kereen, salut deh