Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Do-It-Myself : korean jeans skirt! :)

ewwww a few times ago.. i bought a cute jeans skirt! with very very lowwww price for new stuffs.. buuuuttt! there's a "reject" ! and.. i've got an idea to cover the "reject" and make it mooooreee cute and i called it "korean-jeans-skirt!"

just check it out! :)

first step!

well, this is my jeans skirt! my theme is " cute korean " so, i collected all of match fabrics scraps.. which the colours are blue, white ribbon, grey.. :)

second step!

just draw or print the shape as you want! :) and i make it like a circle, ruffles, and candy! :) ( better to use pencil to draw the shape )

third step!

just cut it out! :) :)

fourth step!

cut another fabrics :)

fifth step!

place the modified fabric scarp as we want.. :)

sixth step!

just need a lil sewing skills, you can make it by handmade or use a sewing machine.



my D-I-Y korean-jeans-skirt! hohoho can't wait to wear it! >.<
(ps : you can modified the skirt as you want, just blow up you creativity! :) )

ps agaaainn from GDa'S Gallery :

hihi, you can order it dearrr.. the price is only IDR 190.000 ! and you can order the shape of the application, as you want! for example : heart, flowers, etc.

just email me. :)


add me on YM : gdagallery@yahoo.com
or if you have a blackberry smartphone, just gimme your pin :)



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