Senin, 15 Maret 2010

FEVER? still say Alhamdulillaah :)

last 6 days was very very terrible for me..

i had a really bad FEVER, and i was worried about my future baby.. (*_*) because getting ill when we are at first 3mester pregnancy is very dangerous for the embryo..

it's really need a big effort to get healthy back, to eat something (because of queasy-spit), anything! even to wake up! *_*

but, there are so many lesson behind.. Alhamdulillaaah..

first, Alhamdulillah.. i believe this is Alloh's way to remind me, to love me, to take care of me.. Alloh won't let me forget Him even a lil minute! Alloh gives me more change to introspection, to reflect back how many sins that i've done.. to TAUBAT!

second, Alhamdulillaaah.. Alloh gives me very very niiiiiceee super duper nice! Husband.. i dont know, how I am.. if there's no husband like kang Apin.. He was taking care of me, with lots of love.. shopping to market, cooking, massaging, cleaning home, not sleeping while my fever getting worst in the middle of the night.. and he always take a pray for me.. wishing Alloh give me health soon.. thank you dear AYABI.. :) GDA SAYANG KANG APIN.. :)

third, Subhanalloh.. it's not easy to be a mother! really need big JIHAD here.. even i am just a future-mother.. pregnancy is really need a JIHAD.. :') something easy before, but be difficult then.. sensitive.. morning sickness.. aaaaa one thing i just remember is my MOTHER! i felt soooo guilty..i haven't be a proper girl, who treat my mother so well..

and now.. Alhamdulillah.. i am getting better.. :) Although i still need a few times to recovery.. but maybe at wednesday i'll do TORCH test @ pramita Lab..just testing, because i am afraid something happen with me and can be dangerous for my future-baby.. hope everything will be fine.. (i still need your prayer.. ^^)

anywaysss! one good news..

i won muslimah style competition @ hijabstyle ! Alhamdulillaaah.. never expect to much about that.. because i thought the winner would be someone else.. just wanna say thank youuuuu for everyone whom vote me.. :) i really appreciate it :)

and i had choosen this scarf as gift from hijabstyle (thank you so much Jana :) ) can't wait to wear it, mix it, and match it! :) :)

5 komentar:

  1. hmm..hope Allah taking care of u..^^

  2. hayooo makan yang bener dan istirahat ya, neng :)

  3. hwaaa..baru tau kalo kamu hamil..selamaaaat yaaa!! :) :)..I'm soo happy for youuu..

    selamat jugaa menang di hijab style ;)..sptnya nnti kamu bakal jd salah satu inspirasi buat jilbaban niiy..InsyaAllah dalam bbrp bulan kedepan ada rencana pake jilbab :)..doakan smua lancar yaa,,hehe

  4. gdaa.....mudah2ah cepet sembuh yaaa..kok lama ya da demamnya..?T_T

    q doain mudah2n bayi sama bundaminya sehat wal afiat.amiiiiin

    btw..congrat ya dear gda..udah menang di hijab style..aku ikutan vote low,heheehehee...

    n buat kang sweetnyaa....^_^

  5. really like u. I will pray for you to get better. Insh'Allah, you and your baby will be safe. Congrats for winning at hijabstyle. I knew you would coz u are so cute and your designs are great